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Business Keys Limited was formed with one simple idea - by developing a focus on what really matters an organisation can master the overwhelming complexity and uncertainty in business and produce superior performance helping it to survive and grow - and even create your own future.

Make it work

Following an initial organisational assessment, we begin by helping you, the business leader, to develop the design and architecture of your management system and implement it to build a solid foundation for growth.

Make it pay

We then turn our attention to efficiency - reducing the waste and cost within the system to help your business grow and scale profitably.

Make it grow

If your business is involved with emerging technologies or is introducing innovative products to market, either alone or in collaboration with others, maybe even through a government-supported scheme, we can apply our methods to innovation management.

How do we do this? By applying our expertise in standardization to ensure continuous improvement, innovation and growth.

Our guiding principles - The five essentials for business success

1. Absolutely clear direction

Successful businesses have their attention clearly focussed on specific market opportunities and the needs of their customers. They care about how to do better than others at providing their customers with what they want. They articulate strategies that can be communicated to customers and employees. They know that details matter and pay close attention to them. To achieve all this, they set and continuously refine standards for everything from their core product to cultural norms.

2. Everything as a system

Having detected customer needs, successful businesses set up systems and build an organisation and capabilities to meet them. They simplify and standardize quickly. Systems remove hassle and achieve desired results - like setting up a personal standing order system to ensure bills are paid when due.

3. Unity in action

Successful businesses engage people. They create environments that reduce complexity and do not overload employees. Their systems provide support and information for employees, empowering them to serve customers well and consistently. Aligning the systems to strategic direction ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction .

4. Measurement for management

Paying close and regular attention to how the business is doing, in terms of meeting customer needs, financially and against other key indicators, ensures that the business stays on track. Deviation from clearly defined customer-driven standards and processes is easily detected through a holistic performance measurement system.

5. Embrace the future now

The only time the future can be changed is now. Successful businesses create their own futures. businesskeys™ unique tools and insights allow you to do the same. We also ensure that we help you to build innovation into your systems for continuous improvement of products and processes.


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