businesskeys™ works with business leaders whose businesses have been growing successfully to the stage where their current way of managing is overwhelmed by demands from regulators, customers and staff. Together we create a system to manage the business to meet its defined objectives. With tangible evidence of achievement (such as independent certification), we enable them to keep existing business and generate new business.

We are able to provide consultants with experience in a wide range of market sectors, including healthcare; materials, chemicals and resources; printing and publishing; and emerging technologies.

Your challenges

Feedback from managing directors/ business owners indicates that businesses tend to need help at three main stages of development:

1. GROWTH - building the foundations

Problems here include legislation, keeping up to date with information, lack of strategic direction, lack of co-ordination and too many things to do - basically overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of the business and the cracks are beginning to show, or as one of our clients put it - "trying to stop the wheels from falling off"

2. EXPANSION - growing profitably

If you have built strong foundations - clear direction and objectives, the right team and a system to run the business, the next issue is often controlling growth by running your business efficiently. This means eliminating work confusion, wasted time, resources and costs and managing the business strategically, rather than tactically.

3. REJUVINATION - remaining sustainable

Whether it's threats from outside, such as disruptive technologies or events, the unceasing torrent of regulations, or internal problems, such as 'strategic drift' or lack of innovation, you know that standing still is not an option.

We understand that is not just a lack of knowledge or experience that may hold you back but also the sheer lack of time to know everything, keep up with everything and do everything, which is where our practical hands-on support can help.

Contact us right now before your next fire-fighting task. You will get value by just meeting with us to explore options. We will also gladly answer any questions that you may have in the meantime. Just use the contact form to save time.

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