Business Leadership

Integrated business planning giving clarity of direction

The businesskeys™ Business Leadership Programme provides a thorough, yet practical, way of capturing and articulating the focus and direction of a business. Without a clear purpose and vision a business is unable to communicate to customers and staff the value of what they have to offer.

Many companies operate without an understanding of their own business model and with no up-to-date business plan. This can result in misalignment of the company, with consequences such as wasted resources, brand value depreciation or lack of profitability. It can also leave the business vulnerable to 'strategic drift' or susceptible to disruptive events or technologies.

This programme is focussed on ensuring that the senior management of the company has a clear, agreed way to manage. Together we establish the standards to which the whole organisation can aspire.

We have found that the best approach is to run this programme through interactive workshops to deliver:

Business boundaries & direction

Clarity of business definition, strategies and objectives

Business design

Shaping the value delivery system


Alignment of organisation, culture and brand with vision to meet customer & market needs


A holistic measurement system designed to track progress against objectives, plans and ongoing performance

This programme, which is adapted to meet the needs of the individual organisation, can be used as a standalone, where formality in business planning has lapsed or new strategic direction is required. It can also be used as the basis for defining the objectives on which existing processes and systems can be transformed to improve and grow the business.

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