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15.08.11 Hymetrics first for flow calibration

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UKAS has just announced that Business Keys client Hymetrics has become the first organization in the UK to be granted accreditation for the open flow channel calibration of weirs and flumes.


Hymetrics, which develops and licenses an innovative range of technologies for monitoring and control of open channel flow, had already gained ISO 9001: 2008 certification.


Achieving accreditation in this new area is significant to customers such as FlowMarque Ltd, which produces and supplies products to Hymetrics’ designs to water utilities and process industries since, unlike ISO standard offerings, Hymetrics designs are calibrated real-time in conditions that simulate the industrial environments in which the products are used.


Accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 standard for flow calibration services undertaken in its laboratory in Oxfordshire also provides Hymetrics with access to a much larger market, since accreditation is recognized at the international level, bringing greater confidence to Hymetrics’ current and potential customers.


UKAS Accreditation Manager Phil Clow, who oversaw the assessment, said:  “Achieving UKAS accreditation adds certainty to the methods and test results.  It helps to demonstrate the consistency of each aspect of the process, from initial measurements through to the resulting data.  Being able to prove these qualities is vital for maintaining customer confidence in the evaluation services.”


Business Keys warmly congratulates all at Hymetrics for their significant achievements.



For further information please contact our Technical Standards Director, Mike Webb, on 0118 977 8581.

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