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Every business has to master huge external and internal complexity to consistently meet customer needs successfully. How well you do this determines how much money you will make and whether your business is sustainable.

We provide the knowledge you need to understand changing market demands and meet them consistently and profitably.

Using standardization as a strategic tool to create focus and drive innovation, we create a step-change to systematise the inherent complexity of business, whether you are an SME trying to grow and scale or a blue-chip launching a new product in an emerging market.

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Hymetrics first for flow calibration

UKAS has just announced that Business Keys client Hymetrics has become the first organization in the UK to be granted accreditation for the open flow channel calibration of weirs and flumes.

Hymetrics, which develops and licenses an innovative range of technologies for monitoring and control of open channel flow, had already gained ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

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