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15.0811 Hymetrics first for flow calibration

UKAS has just announced that Business Keys client Hymetrics has become the first organization in the UK to be granted accreditation for the open flow channel calibration of weirs and flumes.

Hymetrics, which develops and licenses an innovative range of technologies for monitoring and control of open channel flow, had already gained ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

1.6.2011 Does your management system support your business?

Business Keys Ltd and the Business Improvement Network have been running a series of workshops and seminars to investigate the question, ‘Is your Business Management System (IMS) really integrated with your business?”

Our research has found that typically, the IMS approaches currently in use optimize two or more aspects of the business such as quality, the environment and health & safety only. A focus on integration of the compliance requirements of these standards can easily get in the way of setting up an IMS that effectively supports the continual improvement of the business itself.

28.3.2011 Exporting to New Markets

Distributing to new markets outside the UK can be daunting. Regulations change frequently and are hard to keep up with.  Conformance can be confusing even with something as well known as CE marking. Although most people have heard of  CE marking its meaning is often unclear.

21.3.11 Solor Industry Review

Many of the larger solar panel (Photovoltaic or PV) projects may not go ahead as the government announces plans to reduce subsidies.  The Department of Energy and Climate Change ( )  said projects over 50 kilowatts (kW), the equivalent of putting solar panels on around 20 homes will now receive less money.

28.2.2011 Buying that builds brands

The demand for sustainable procurement practices is growing throughout the supply chain, from legislators, specifiers and stakeholders.

21.2.2011 Energy Management

As consumers become increasingly concerned with energy consumption and environmental issues, it is important that you can demonstrate that you are taking steps to improve your resource efficiency and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

14.2.2011 Human aspects of business continuity

PD 25111: 2010 Business continuity management - Guidance on human aspects of business continuity gives guidance on the planning and development of human resource strategies and policies for the key phases following a disruption.

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