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28.2.2011 Buying that builds brands

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The demand for sustainable procurement practices is growing throughout the supply chain, from legislators, specifiers and stakeholders.

Buying sustainably makes business sense, protecting brand reputation and delivering improved value and real cost savings. The good news for procurement managers is that sustainable procurement is not materially different to or separate from the traditional process of procurement.

Sustainability should be a fundamental part of any good procurement process by giving consideration to wider social, economic and environmental factors in addition to the conventional criteria of price, quality and service. Indeed, the benefits to businesses of applying principles of sustainability to procurement practices go way beyond meeting tender requirements to safeguarding brand reputation and delivering improved value and real cost savings.

A new Sustainable Procurement Guide using BS 8903 has been written to help procurement professionals meet the challenges of the sustainability agenda by providing clear, practical advice on how to approach sustainable procurement issues and how to embed these practices within an organization. Case studies highlight solutions found to problems facing organizations across a range of sectors and an armory of templates and examples provide the starting point for developing policies and processes that suit business requirements. Copies of the guide can be purchased through businesskeys™ by calling 0118 977 8581.

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