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14.2.2011 Human aspects of business continuity

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PD 25111: 2010 Business continuity management - Guidance on human aspects of business continuity gives guidance on the planning and development of human resource strategies and policies for the key phases following a disruption:

  • Coping with the immediate effects of the incident
  • Managing people during the period of disruption (the continuity stage)
  • Supporting staff after recovery of normal operations

This PD supports business continuity, as covered in BS 25999, highlighting the needs of people who could be involved in, or affected by, a disruption.

This PD is not a definitive guide to managing an incident, but a review of the implications for managing the impacts on staff and others who could be affected.

The causes of disruptions are many and varied, which is why business continuity management focuses on developing and delivering plans to manage the consequences of such disruptions through a series of predetermined, exercised and tested responses. Such a process is intended to ensure that the principal business processes of the organization are maintained or recovered within predetermined timescales following the recognition that normal operations have been disrupted, while meeting the needs of the people involved in delivering the business continuity solution.

Who is PD 25111 for?

  • Anyone with responsibility for human resources associated with business operations
  • Public, private or not-for-profit organizations
  • Top management through all levels of the organization
  • Organizations with a single site to those with a global presence
  • Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to organizations employing thousands of people
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