Strategic Standardization

Strategic management with direct results

"If you control an industry's standards, you control that industry lock, stock and ledger" W. Edwards Deming, Out of the Crisis

Standards connect your business to its customers. All successful, sustainable organisations are underpinned by a matrix of standards and business systems that co-ordinate its activities and connect it to its markets and customers. Standards provide a framework by which an individual company or industry can develop technology, products and services and do business in any market in the world.

Standardization is a dynamic process for getting more people to value what you offer.

Our unique programme enables you to develop strategies that impact market acceptance of your technologies, products and services, business value chains and potentially the whole basis for competition in your market space.

The programme comprises a mixture of insights, information, interactive workshops and mentoring with tools and methods that will enable you to:

  • understand the ecosystem surrounding your organisation and the impacts of regulators, competitors and others on your operations
  • understand the strategies of others, the basis for their success and how to use strategic standardization as a competitive weapon
  • develop an action plan based on your business objectives and strategic directions to gain business intelligence and acquire essential information, implement market-leading standards and gain positions of influence where you can shape your own future and that of the market
  • evaluate whethercurrent standards being implemented within your business are serving you optimally and providing a solid return on investment

The programme will be facilitated by businesskeys™ founder, Stephen Munden, who has written a handbook on this subject - "Best Practice... Next Practice: how to survive, innovate and grow in an ever changing world", which can be downloaded as a pdf from the British Standards Institution.

You can find out more about how to manage standards and innovation in your organisation in our free White Papers.

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