Trade & Professional Associations

Losing membership engagement? Missing revenue opportunities due to a stale technical service?

We can help your trade association or professional institution to become a better advocate and create more opportunities for its members.

Principle objectives for many trade associations are to:

  • promote & protect members' interests & improve the regulatory/ business environment for its industry
  • encourage & assist the prosperity of the industry
  • provide interfaces between the industry & other organisations

Key to all of these objectives is ensuring that members are informed & can adapt to rapidly changing regulations, technologies and standards. Ideally, trade associations would provide effective leadership in this area but -

  • many are under-resourced or do not understand the impacts on their members
  • trade associations tend to concentrate on a specific industry – but customers react to markets & technologies – the focus is therefore too narrow
  • even if the industry is understood, what about specialism's outside the industry, such as management systems, adjacent sectors & technologies?

This leaves members exposed to risks, including:

  • being surprised by new technologies or external threats to their business
  • loss of business or revenue to other sectors
  • unable to compete due to incompatibility of products or processes
  • late in meeting regulations or standards, with possible liability consequences

businesskeys™ can help you generate more value for your members with:

  • technical support services geared to prioritised business strategies
  • an effective process for keeping abreast of regulations and standards and influencing their development
  • a technology strategy and standards architecture that allows effective decision making & the ability to get products to market faster & with less risk
  • hands-on support to help members comply with product and management systems standards and international certification schemes

There is also opportunity for a pay-off for the association with revenue generation opportunities, significant reasons for membership engagement & increased reputation & influence.

Please contact us for a no-obligation exploration of the possibilities appropriate to your organisation.

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